(808) 262-4404
(8 a.m. - 8 p.m. H.S.T.)

*By Phone or Skype

Includes: Astrology,Tarot, Numerology, etc...
We use all tools necessary to obtain the best answers in the least time.
Know your life patterns and cycles in order to choose wisely.
We specialize in relationship insights, personal growth, health and
major business and life decisions.

Fees range from $30-45/15 min. to $120-175/hr.
(All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

By Phone or Skype
Includes: Spiritual Counseling
Mind Heart Harmony, Heavenly Wholeness
Polarity Therapy, Nutritional Counseling
Vitamin & Herbal Supplement Sales.

(All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

Sundae Merrick "I have been doing readings professionally for over 30 years. My mother was a psychic and an astrologer. I have carried on this extraordinary tradition of sharing insights with people who want guidance.

I attended astrology conventions and psychic seminars to learn from the best teachers I could find. As I began to clear my own emotional and mental tension, I realized that I had great psychic gifts. I enhance my continuing education by sharing with others in my field, reading and attending conferences. I am very connected with my inner Self from which much wisdom flows.

I studied 17 hours a day for a year when I first became serious about astrology. It felt really familiar to me and I loved it. I observed and recorded like a scientist for 2 years, before I gave this art and science the credence it deserves. I first discovered how psychic I was in 1975 when I took an EST Workshop. I was shocked and delightfully surprised by the clarity and accuracy of my perceptions. I continue to study.

Being a psychic has to do with reading the psyche or spiritual consciousness of a person. For me, it is a devotional and spiritual undertaking. I can offer exquisite insights as to what is going on in your life, relationships, and career. Another specialty of mine is to give information on health and balance physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I have great compassion for life’s processes and what we all go through. I emphasize self-development and empowerment.

I am empathic and can use just about any kind of divination tool like stars, cards, numbers, colors, dreams, hands etc. I published a book about different techniques, called Divine Reason & Rhyme. I care about you and the choices you make. My favorite tools are the Tarot Cards and Astrology.

My favorite part is to inspire and encourage you toward your highest and best alternatives for self-expression, personal growth, health, love, money and success. My main purpose is to see the light turn on in your experience. There are few things more satisfying than being a part of another’s successful growth and development, it is truly emotionally and spiritually rewarding.

If there is a challenging cycle or lesson, I will draw your attention to it in an encouraging manner. We can develop an action plan together to assist you in meeting the challenge in a positive manner. I believe in free will. The mind and the ego survival mechanism attempt to hold us prisoner to limiting, repeating patterns. We can change our destinies by making more enlightened choices. Yes, there are challenging cycles, what we do with them is our option!

I have a TV show called “Get Healthy Yoga” on Olelo Community TV. It deals with many areas of metaphysics and yoga. My book is called “Divine Reason and Rhyme, Access Higher Guidance and Nature’s Wisdom.” It shares the secrets of how to access your Inner Guidance, use symbolism and read the wisdom of Mother Nature in your quest for health, personal growth and expression, self-empowerment, relationship and financial success."


Experience empowerment and make better choices
by understanding your cycles and applying winning strategies.

To make an Appointment Please Call Sundae at:
808-262-4404 everyday or Sedona on Tuesdays 11 am - 3:15 pm 808-591-8010
Email: or Click here for Sedona at Ward Center

If you would like to know more about your personal chart, your business or relationships, you can call Sundae at 808 262-4404. It is important to know the challenges and the opportunities to be on track with your goals and objectives.

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT This fabulous reading enhances your understanding of yourself, your personality, your karmic challenges and talent and abilities. If you have had repeated challenges in business, relationships and personal balance, you will understand why and how to change it. If you don't know how talented you are, this reading will identify where and how you are talented and creative. You may not be sure of what job or career is good for you or when, this reading will give you a greater sense of your purpose and what you came in to experience and express. This is a journey of self discovery.

CYCLES FOR SUCCESS This is the most awesome tool for planning your life, romance, finances, health and business. If you want to know what cycles you are going through and when they will end, this reading is for you. Whatever life gives us, we can know about it in advance and have a plan to meet the challenge and have better results. If you are planning a marriage, a new enterprise or business, a vacation, a baby, wouldn't you want to do it when the force is with you? We want to know when money and love are good and you can know through this reading. This is a detailed chronological map of your life cycles.

RELATIONSHIP HARMONY This is a super special reading to comprehend how two people relate and why. Many people want to understand their relationships and how to make them better. This breaks down the nuts and bolts of how the two of you get along, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It indicates what family or relationship karma is present. You will also discover how to navigate the relationship better. It can be a great opportunity to understand your child, siblings, parents and partners and know what makes the relationship better. This is one of the best opportunities to have better relationships.

Personal & Business Consultations include Research on your Life Cycles:
30 Minutes $88 + tax
60 Minutes $175 +tax
Know the best time for career fulfillment, financial opportunities, romance and travel, investments, laying new foundations, initiating new enterprises. Know your talents, areas of service, elemental balance, karmic challenges and payoffs and health situation.

Want the consultation and/or the report?

Transit Reports: You can determine the best times to start a project, have a romantic experience, take a vacation or make that sales pitch. Know the best time for marriage, career fulfillment, financial opportunities and travel, investments, laying new foundations, initiating new enterprises. When times are tough and you’re ready to quit, it’s helpful to know when the cycle is going to change to something more positive. Life’s ups and downs are clearly shown in your astrological cycles. You can prepare for today and the future!
6 month Computer Report $35 / 12 month Computer Report $60

Compatibility Reports for Friends, Family or Lovers: Is this a past life connection? Is this person the best match for you for a lifetime? Find your areas of harmony, negotiate your challenges and find ways to grow together. Heal dysfunctional family karma. Learn to get along with another person and find fulfillment. Have more successful relationships!
Computer Report $50

Natal Reports: Identify the talents, abilities, challenges and growth opportunities you came to this earth to experience, express and to evolve with. Know your areas of service, career, masculine & feminine balance and health issues. Understand yourself better or your child. Know thyself and shine!
Computer Report $40

MIND HEART HARMONY, REPROGRAMMING THE SUBCONCIOUS MIND FOR SUCCESS: Identify and eliminate self-defeating patterns that block success in career, finances, love relationships and health. Transform negative emotions and destructive beliefs into life affirming positive programs to create more harmony and success in all areas of life. Get ready to change your karma for the best!

Call Sundae at: 808-262-4404
Learn how to interpret cycles, dreams, etc, for success; read Sundae's Book:
"DIVINE REASON & RHYME, Access Higher Guidance & Natures Wisdom"
Visit the Website at: universalperformancestrategies/DivineReasonAndRhyme
or buy the book at

Inner Guidance for the Awakening
With the cataclysmic changes and political, social and economic upheaval we are experiencing today, what can we do to prepare ourselves? We need more and more to turn within, to become tuned to the earth and divine energies. This book is a blessed doorway that not only tells us what we need to do but how to do it, not just for the future but for now. A treasure no matter where you are in your life's path.
Review by Makana Risser Chai, Author

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