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UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES Health Education for Peak Performance

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UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES Health Education for Peak Performance

UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES Health Education for Peak Performance

It was THE major breakthrough of my life. You provided the support and guidance within your program to facilitate my growth. Joyce Fisher, Keynote Speaker

Your services are invaluable and I think they are essential to anyone who wants to live at their own personal best. Anyone who has an opportunity to take advantage of the services you provide is a very lucky soul. Ana Levine, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Our membership just loved your workshop, The Importance of Relaxation in Business & Competition and they are requesting that you come back! Vangie Casinas, Advisor, Hawaii State DECA

Your ability to perceive things with clarity and insight is amazing. You are a very gifted educator and healer! I have always been goal oriented, yet never before had I totally created a picture of exactly how I wanted my life to unfold. Now I have the tools to create a life of total harmony! (Success Strategies) Scott Brauss, Sales Executive
UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES Health Education for Peak Performance

UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES Health Education for Peak Performance About UPS
Encouraging Health, Success & Profitability
for You & Your Organization

Sundae Merrick

Our founder, Sundae Merrick, has been President of Universal Health, a non-profit health education corporation and Peak Performance Corporate Fitness in Los Angeles, California since 1983. Since moving to Hawaii she established Universal Performance Strategies. She has guided people and organizations with success strategies for over 25 years.

She is a Human Potential Researcher and Consultant, Author, Seminar Leader, Health Educator & Executive Coach. She appears on her own local TV Show, Get Healthy.

While at Xerox Corporation in Sales & Marketing, Sundae identified the challenges of maintaining a high level of performance, minimizing stress, building a committed workforce and the high cost of health care. She has created entertaining and enlightening seminars: holistic Health Education for Peak Performance, Cycles for Success, Communication Strategies, Stress Survival and Coaching Programs to address the solutions to the challenges we all face.

Sundae persists in studying and applying cutting edge information. She has researched many fields of study including psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, universal law, astronomy, physiology, theology, metaphysics, health, physical fitness and innovative nutritional therapies.

It is the mission of Universal Performance Strategies to assist you with transforming business practices and personal lives in a more healthy and successful evolutionary manner. We are all a part of the whole, if one part is dysfunctional, it affects performance collectively in any organization.

Our purpose is to transform the health, productivity and performance of your business by educating, inspiring and empowering each member..


We deliver improved self-confidence and superior results

  • Enhance Health, Productivity & Bottom Line, Accelerate Success
    Learn how to become more vibrantly healthy and expand your productivity with motivation, insight and understanding provided by education for peak performance. Demonstrate core principles and values that develop better relationships. Boost net worth and success, guided by your life coach or seminar leader.

  • Identify & Utilize Cycles for Success as a Road Map for Achievement
    Plan for the variable business and personal cycles we all go through, knowing when to expand, downsize and lay new foundations. Identify the best cycles for important meetings, events, presentations and financing.

  • Transform Employee Cooperation, Attitude & Morale
    Create a climate of accountability, responsibility and productivity with a team approach where everyone cares about each other and the profitability of the organization. (According to one Gallup poll, 70% of workers don't care about the success of their organization or are working unconsciously to it's detriment.) Employees can be empowered and inspired by our transformational coaching, self-development seminars and success strategies. Develop loyalty and accountability with employees with seminars and presentations that are fun, entertaining and effective.

  • Expand Communication & Team Skills
    Let go of old speaking patterns, body language and tones that are unprofessional and do not produce results or confidence in your leadership. Become skilled at the four communication styles to address the style of an associate or client. Build teams comprised of different styles for balanced and desirable results.

  • Improve Focus, Concentration & Problem Solving Skills
    By making positive change with mental habits guided by your personal coach, individual effectiveness is expanded to transform dreams of success into reality. Increase self-confidence; learn specific skills for enhanced awareness, meditation and creative solutions.

  • Decrease Absenteeism, Pre-senteeism & Stress Factors
    When stress levels increase, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude and ultimately undermines health resulting in more absenteeism. Emotional and mental stress can prevent people from being fully functional and present when they are on the job. Stress is expensive and it costs business big money! (A study by SCI Insurance Group found that relaxation training lowered health care costs by 50-60%).

  • Reduce Health Care Costs
    Workers compensation cases and health care costs have skyrocketed. Choose healthy habits to enhance energy and endurance; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally for peak performance & success while reducing the effects of stress.

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to transform health, productivity and performance by educating, inspiring and empowering. The power to achieve is a skill that can be learned when people are provided with innovative information, training and support. Enjoy greater accomplishment, more energy, success, money and free time.


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